Audio Note M-zero preamplifier

tested in june 2010


This is one of the shortest reviews ever.
I was asked to look if I can improve on the M-Zero preamp from Audio-Note.
SURE I can. Yes We Can !
So I took a peek inside the black box. Not even level 2, a mere ZERO. What a connotation - ZERO. Nada, Nil , Nic, Niente, Nol'

FIRST -  A LISTENING TEST.  I plugged it between my DAC and GM-70 Monos.
I used the remote - yes - fully functional remote. And guess what - the preamp is as clean as San Pellegrino water. Not the slightest trace of bottlenecking my system. No choking of the best qualities of my system - 3D abilityt, microdetails, awesome bass - everything was still there.

I opened up the box which is a really nice alloy extrusion - a monococque. And I understood why it is as good as it is: black gates everywhere, awesome subminiature tube, pure and simple schematics, - I absolutely can not find any flaw that I could possibly question.  For the price and honestly - even at 10 x the price - it is a masterpiece of simplicity, good engineering and intelligent choices.  They did not leave any space for me to mess around.
They should include the drooling towel in the package.

Audio Note M-zero

Audio Note M-zero

Above - M-zero's output caps - genuine jensen  paper in oil.


Above - motorized blue alps.