This is a short list of FAQ's and the answers to them.

1. Do you claim inventing something new with Lampizator ? hasn't tubed output stage been done before?

No. I haven't invented it. I DISCOVERED it myself by trial and error.
There are out there many CD players with tubes. But most of them use tubes just as last device, output buffer after the usual OP-AMP crap section. These are not real tubed ones,  prime example being Shanling,  MHZS or Vincent. They cheat consumers by the tube look.
They COST a lot of money, usually starting at 2500 Euro if made outside China. My idea is to use 50 Euro CD from Ebay or whatever people have at home readily available and start from there. No extra spending, just keep your favourite player and make it a whole lot better.
"Tjoeb!" company (I think from Netherlands) has been doing the commercial lampization for some years with huge success. They started I think by modding new stock Marantz 63se.  Partsconnexion from Canada offers lampization as a service at 2100 CND. (check

The beauty of what I do is that I claim to be able to lampize EVERY CD or DAC there exists, and do it neatly inside the original unit and do it by my own good hands.
Not that it is my intention to do so, but I CAN.
I do this for KNOWLEDGE And for fun, and for the CHASE, not the catch. .

2. Does Lampizator invalidate warranty?

What warranty?  CD players have been produced only till 2004 so nobody has any warranty left. Short answer is: you bet.

3. Can I order ARG amplifier? How?

I don't think you can, but you could try.

4. Is lampized CD player CE compliant? ROHS ? WEEE ?  UL ? DIN ? VdS ?


5. Is it hard to get the replacement tubes?

No. They are available on western and Russian internet for circa 5 to 10 euro a pop.

6. If all this is so good (lampizator) why giants like Sony, Harman, Samsung or Bang Olufsen don't do the same thing?

Because they can't rely on using tubes which are no longer in production. And they don't give a shit about sound quality but only about mass production of repeatable simple stuff. Niche companies do it with success. There must be hundreds of them in USA, China, Japan, France, Germany and UK.

7. Do you provide the schematics and detailed instruction to others?

Only if someone can demonstrate and prove and swear that he can use the information  without bothering me for help in the process. I can't answer emails about help.

8. Knowing all that you know, what is the recommended lampizator "base-CD player" ?

It must be good looking, so you like it. It should be tall, over 10 cm to give you space for new parts. It should have spinning mechanics easy to repair or replace because they don't make them anymore ! CD production is STOPPED. Generally I recommend to use Philips or Marantz  which uses TDA1541A chip for DA conversion - see the list at  . Pioneers which use PD2028B DAC chip or higher  and stable platter spinner are good. Burr Brown PCM1704 are good DAC chips but rare. Try to find Kenwood 7090 which has 8 of the superb BB PCM1702 chips. Kenwood CD-5090 is one of the best for any price and quite common. Rotels are great but some of them too slim. Meridian is good but pricey for the base unit unless you already have it. SEE THE WHOLE LIST of good players at:
But the real gems I am not going to reveal because that would elevate their price on ebay. Sorry.

9. What is the best CD player (in stock form, without any mods) ?

IMHO  the best CD players considering also their  reasonable price are ARCAM 73 and COPLAND 289.  Shanling CD200 and CD300 are great but only after heavy mods described elsewhere. Cambridge Azur series is fantastic, and I have great admiration for Creek and Arcam. Audionote is guaranteed to deliver the goodies but at certain price.

10. Can you recommend the dream stereo system?

Yeah: all tube from front to end, amps OTL or 845 based monos, open baffle three-ways with all alnico paper speakers and at least 15 inch woofers built into the room or on 2x2 m open baffles. CD with only one triode after a DAC, preferably the TDA1541A in NOS mode. Very simple to answer.

11. What is the future of CD ? 

Well, If you have a CD player or disk manufacturer's shares, the recommendation is SELL. You can quote me on that. The near future for people who refuse to rely on MP3 is probably a good PC with quiet fan and good sound card, and a HDD drive loaded with all CD collection in loss-less packing format . A touch screen LCD human GUI. A lampized DAC chip and the rest is traditional. I do not expect ANY NEW INVENTIONS WHATSOEVER in the HiFi arena. Speakers or amps - None. Nada. Niente. Nic.
The more distant future will be wireless internet playback on demand, like pay per song.

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