LampizatOr Golden Gate


When thinking about this name I asked myself: what is the most amazing thing you ever saw, and without hesitation - it is the Golden Gate bridge. I saw Taj Mahal, I saw Notre Dame, I saw Eiffel’s Tower, Grand Canyon etc but it is the Golden Gate that continues to make me breathless, ever since I drove on it 30 years ago. That’s how this name was born.

In a more symbolic way, the bridge is like a path to something new. It is an engineering achievement. It makes possible something impossible before.

It is my last step to the ultimate DAC.

Golden Gate project is my answer to the hugely popular expectation from our dear customers, that we install in the DAC the best parts known to the Audiophile community. So called BOUTIQUE parts.

Well, we give to every DAC, especially the Big7, the best parts that WE consider sanely priced. But of course the golden fish could bring something even more sexy. That’s how this project was born.

GG is the Big7  DSD DAC made of the MOST expensive boutique parts chosen by our customers in their wish-list survey.

To list some, it would go like this:

  1. 1.Silver WBT solder used throughout

  2. 2.All wiring is 26 GA stranded silver in teflon

  3. 3.WBT gold / silver RCA output sockets or Furutech Rhodium RCA

  4. 4.Furutech RCA digital S/PDIF input or WBT

  5. 5.ATOM Vishay first capacitor after the tube

  6. 6.Mundorf M-Lytic HV electrolytes in second stage of PSU Or Kendeil

  7. 7.Mundorf Foil MKP capacitors  or Clarity Cap iPX series in third, final  stage of power supply just before the tube anode.

  8. 8.Metal-Film laser cut resistor MLT in Anode Load

  9. 9.CMC Teflon sockets with gold pin contacts for all 3 tubes

  10. 10.Output capacitors are the huge Jupiter-Copper 1uF caps or Audyn True Copper 1 uF, bypassed by Duelund Pure Silver caps or by Mundorf Silver Oil Supreme. Yes, a hybrid, best of both worlds, supposedly beating even pure silver one-cap solution.

  11. 11.Rectifier tube is Emission Labs monstrous Mesh Plate 5U4G or EML Mesh 274B

  12. 12.Music Tubes are Western Electric Replica 101D / Metal base Psvane or MESH45 EML or KRON KR PX-4 or KRON KR-300B

  13. 13.Digital input SPDIF capacitor is Jupiter Wax Copper 100nF or Mundorf Silver Oil Supreme .

  14. 14.Packing in a special customized stage case made to order for Golden Gate DAC

  15. 15.Chassis / box is made of pure copper stamped and powder clear-coated for 100 years of immaculate shine. Copper provides also heat dissipation and the best EM shielding possible.

  16. 16. A set of ceramic / steel roller-block feet supports the DAC

What you get:

  1. USB input up to 384K PCM (32 bit) and up to 256x DSD

  2. DSD engine 256x (auto sensing the 128x and 64x formats)

  3. PCM engine switchable manually, dual mono current DAC output,  balanced chips

  4. RCA S/PDIF input up to 192/24

  5. In PCM mode auto-select all known file formats and speed and resolution, up to 24 bit 384 kHz. Optionally DSD-ONLY version without PCM at all.

  6. USB input plus RCA S/PDIF and one more digital input.  (choose BNC, RCA, AES/EBU, Toslink)

  7. Jupiter Copper paper /Wax caps (USA) with  Duelund Cast Silver bypass capacitors. (or equivalents)

  8. 101D, 300B, 6A3, 45, 245, 345, PX-4 tubes can be used

  9. We supply Mesh 5U4R EML MESH rectifier diode or similar equivalent like EML274B

  10. dimensions 430 mm W, 130 mm H, 500 mm D

  11. Black or silver aluminum front panel

  12. SE analog outputs RCA

  13. Possibility of Volume Control with full preamp feature set with 1 extra analog input

  14. 115 or 230 V or dual voltage.

  15. Warranty 5 years excl. tubes

  16. Balanced version with 4 tubes is also available.