Our Test room has been built from scratch in our new building in May 2015 and completed in January 2016

The room dimensions: 4,8 m wide, 5,3 m deep, 2,8 m high.

Stone floor covered with carpet

No windows

Rear 1/3 of the room heavily damped

middle 1/3 lightly damped and lightly diffused

Rear 1/3 lightly damped with curtains

Middle of the room with additional rug

Front wall “skyline” diffusor


Three way horns “Destination Audio” with folded bass horns with 2 x 15inch RFT bass drivers

Midrange from JBL

Super-tweeter JBL

Cross-over : custom built by Lampizator with WAX COPPER RIBBON COILS and MUNDORF CAPS

Reference stand-mounted monitors: Trenner&Friedl ART

Speaker cables:

One short single wiring Nordost Red Dawn speaker cable

QED SILVER STREAK triwiring from XO to speakers (long)


Tube SE: Lampizator GM70 copper version monoblocks

Tube balanced: Lampizator 211 Balanced monoblocks

Tube Bal: Balanced Audio Technology VK60 stereo block

SS SE: Taras A-100 transistor amplifier 100WPC (USA)

SS BAL: Mark Levinson No23 stereo balanced block


Lampizator DSD Komputer file server (Linux - USB / SPDIF) (DSD and PCM)

Modified Teac VRDS10 transport

Teac Esoteric P2 transport

Esoteric P-03 Transport

PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport

iMac / Audirvana file player DSD

Interconnect cables: Siltech FTM3Gold

Bazodrut Killer series

Lampizator Silver Shadow

USB cables : Lampizator Silver Shadow

Power Cables: Lampizator IEC Power

Bazodrut Killer