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Lampizator Preamp

Our best shot on the no compromise PREAMP


  1. PCB design,

  2. computer circuit design,

  3. computer simulations

  4. regulated PSU

  5. manual stepped volume switch

  6. op-amps

  7. electrolytic capacitors in PSU

  8. cheap foil capacitors in the path


  1. 3-D mounting with point to point wiring
    hand made preamp
    electrolyte-less PSU design

  2. Dual mono PSU, based on chokes of highest quality (CLCLCRC chains dual mono with self-compensating balanced power circuit and balanced tube circuit)

  3. Fully balanced with QUAD mono amplification sections

  4. Low impedance outputs (150 Ohms) x 4 phases
    100 % DUELUND copper cast caps in signal path
    one series cap per phase in total

  5. A resistor pair is the only thing the volume control adds to the circuit

  6. Up to 4 RCA SE inputs

  7. Up to 2 x RCA analog SE outputs

  8. Up to 2 pairs of XLR truly balanced inputs

  9. Up to 2 pairs of XLR truly balanced outputs

  10. Unique to Lampizator SE TO XLR tube balancing circuit that enables you to use SE sources to XLR amps (designed with BAT in mind). For example - vinyl turntables with SE phono stage can be connected to the XLR balanced amp.

  11. Unique to Lampizator TUBE ROLLING PARADISE feature - we can give a possibility to roll the following tubes into our preamp: Ecc81, Ecc 82, 12AU7, 12AT7, 6N1P, 6N2P, 6N3P, 6N6P, 6N30P, 6N23P, Ecc88, E88cc, Pcc88, P88CC, 6DJ7, 6922, E182CC, 6900, 7119, 5687, 6SN7, VT99, 6H8C, E80F, EF80, EF800, 6111, 6N16P, ECC40, 6C2S, and many more plus a combination of the above mentioned tubes.- just ask before ordering.

Seven years after our DAC introduction, and 3 years after the amps had been released, we introduce THE PREAMPLIFIER. (why so late - because making a damn good preamp is a damn hard task.) Our design goal was to build a no compromise preamp that utilizes all good things we use in our best DACS (The Big Six and the Big Five) The preamp is like no other. It is the culmination of LampizatOr design philosophy.

  1. We give you a tube rectified power supply which is 10 x oversized compared to the current demand. It is based on super-rectifier 5C3S or 274B but you can also roll: GZ34, GZ37, 5Y3, 5U4G, 5U4R, 5C4S, and tons of other 5V rectifiers.

  2. All power supply reservoir capacitors are of metal/polypropylene type, no electrolytes in sight. This PSU can last 40 years, not get old, not leak acid, not dry out, not change character with time, not needing to burn in or settle.

  3. Our volume control is one of the best on the planet- designed by our US colleague, it features 64 discrete steps (versus 24 of the normal switches) and it can mute in less than a second (versus many seconds in other designs) and it can switch 4 phases balanced - simultaneously with less than 1% error (versus 20 % for pots and 5% for other resistor switches). Our volume control has remote control that can auto - learn a remote IR code from any existing RC unit.

  4. Our volume control can switch 5 inputs (analog) and 3 inputs in digital domain (DAC ) and it can trigger up to 3 external relays and it can have alphanumeric user-programmable descriptors of inputs and outputs.

  5. Our Volume control will not degrade with time, corrode, get noisy, loose surface contact or mis-track. It will be equally good and precise in 30 years from now, even if you use it every day and night all the time.

  6. We give you the BIG HOUSING because all these tubes and Duelunds and chokes dont fit in a 1U or 2U rack cabinet unit. Our BIG BOX is 45 cm wide and 60 cm deep and 14 cm high and it is FULL of goodies.

  1. DIMENSIONS: 45 cm wide, 52 cm deep, 13 cm high.

  2. No exposed tubes

  3. Power consumption 30 Watts

  4. Volume steps : 63 steps of 1 dB

  5. Balance control: NO

  6. Overall maximum gain: 20 x

  7. Output impedance: 150 Ohms per phase

  8. Tube life: 10 Years minimum

  9. Max. number of selectable inputs: 5

  10. Memory of last volume before turning off : YES

  11. Memory of volume on different inputs: YES


LampizatOr Preamplifiers

  1. Special circuit for inrush heater current protection to extend tube life

  2. 5 Years warranty - worldwide and transferrable infinitely.

  3. 7 days return opt-out policy.

  4. Two face plate colors to choose (black or silver)

  5. Belton silver plated tube sockets (for novals) or teflon gold plated for Octal tubes

  6. CMC-USA RCA’s and Swiss Neutrik XLR’s

  7. Solid machined alu volume knob

  8. A remote control