My musical top list (in random order):



Frank Zappa    Uncle Meat  especially but everything else too (I have a whole discography)
CAN    everything
Fela Kuti with Africa 70 and Ginger Baker: Live  (and everything else from both these guys)
Miles Davis    Bitches Brew  and everything from 1965-74
Tom Waits    Everything
Ella & Louis    anything really
Van Morrison    Bang Masters , Moondance, etc
Eric Burdon and the War Declares War
Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder:    Talking Timbuktu  and other Cooder's works


Amon Tobin - everything
Flanger - Everything
Xploding Plastics
Up, Bustle n'out
Holger Czukaj - everything
Miles Gurtu
Friedman Liebzeit
Mercan Dede
Mickey Hart


Leslie Feist everything
Holly Cole:    Temptation
Samia Farah    Samia Farah
Ingrid Sertso - anything
Marlene Dietrich - anything late (but only in German)
Patricia Barber: Everything
Jacintha - everything
Cibelle - everything
Mari Boine:    Leahkastin


Mickey Hart    Dafos
John Coltrane    Africa
Trevor Watts Moire Drum Orchestra: A Wider Embrace
Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder:    Talking Timbuktu
Hawkwind:    Space Ritual
Don Cherry   :    Brown Rice
CODONA:     1&3
Francesco Baccini:    Il Pianoforte non e il mio forte
Max Roach:     M'boom
Jan Garbarek    Afric Pepperbird
Talking Heads :     Stop Making Sense
Jon Lord:    Sarabande
Hair soundtrack
U2 The Joshua Tree
Lou Reed: Live: Take No Prisoners
Frank Sinatra - everything
Dean Martin - Everything
PIL : The Album
The velvet Underground - everything


Chaikovsky - Nut Cracker And Swan Lake (On Melodya)
Fritz Reiner and Chicago:  Respighi : Pines of Rome Fountains of Rome
Fritz Reiner and Chicago:  Pictures from the Exhibition
Rimsky Korsakov
Carmina Burana

Polish Music:

Kury: Koncert w Pstragu
Mazoll: A
Marek Grechuta:    Magia Obloków
Milosc: Taniec Smoka
Oddzial Zamkniety:    OZ
Jagodzinski Trio:    Chopin 1
Kalina Jedrusik : Kalinowe serce
Wojciech Mlynarski (everything)
Kazik: 12 Groszy
Ewa Demarczyk
Starsi Panowie, Piwnica, itp
Martyna Jakubowicz - Dylan
Skalpel - Everything

Martyna Jakubowicz sings Dylan
Maria Peszek Miastomania, Siku and Maria Awaria

20 yerars ago:

Deep Purple: Live :Made in Japan
Black Sabbath:     Live Evil
Thin Lizzy: Live and dangerous
Saxon:    Live at Hammersmith
Iron Maiden:    Killers
AC/DC    Live: If you want blood ...
Judas Priest:    Live
Whitesnake: Live
Queen: Live Killers
Dire Straits: Alchemy Live




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