P13- The ultimate speakers with a box.
(Piotr M.)
Piotr - I admire your boxes (the guy is an architect and it shows) and I admire your carpenter's skills too.
I know that You admire my concept, driver selection and XO design.
This setup ROCKS!

Design objectives:
No compromise, full-range speakers able to run sweetly on 7 WPC ARG OTL amplifiers but at the same time able to kick ass with very loud blues music.

The concept is this - mids are on open baffle - I chose the best midbas I knew at that time - Audionote silver version (from AN-E Silver speakers).
It is a very nice paper cone SEAS with over 96 dB/W and sweet mids. This driver is playing in the audionotes as BASS unit ! So it is very well suited to withstand high levels at which Piotr likes his blues.
This driver, according to SEAS is not made for the public anymore, unfortunately. They make them only for Peter Quvortrup.

The top octaves are played by my beloved Raven2 ribbon tweeter.

You would not believe how well the raven blends with the Seas. Seamlessly and at the same level without resistors. Another succesful RESISTORLESS XO from me.

A wonderfully musical and punchy 18 inch unit from Alphard. At 100 $ apiece you can not go wrong ! A MIRACLE.

The XO is visible - easy to tweak and tune.

And this is a new P13X - differences are:
Bass is Altec Lansing 15 inch instead of Alphard generic 18 inch
Midrange will be SABA GRUN alnico 20 cm.
High will be Saba 10 cm hohtoner as well
The boxes have nice veneer - good job Piotr!

After some time with P13 Piotr decided to make new ones, using the best drivers we know.
Seas mid was replaced by SABA grun, and the Alphard bass - with Altec Lansing 15 inch.
This is the prototype speaker under evaluation.
The sound is much better. The resolution of Saba is untouchable, and it permits the creation of stereo scene beyond the wildest expectations