Project 14
Audionote based small twoways a'la E-type.

I bought these boxes from a DIY'yer who abandoned his E-type audionote clones and sold me the boxes. Perfect. Better than originals.
I found on ebay the drivers which suit these boxes perfectly.
Audionotes were based on SEAS from Norway drivers for bass and midrange and cheap and simple Tonagen (Japan) tweeter silk dome. I found the SEAS midbass 21 cm drivers which preceeded by 10 years the originals, same cast basket but much better Alnico magnet and similar paper cone with cloth suspension.
Instead of the Tonagen dome I found a very nice Alnico magnet based paper tweeter (cone). So my drivers are more sensitive and more natural than originals.
The result is fantastic. It has heavenly mids, clean trebles which match well the mids and small although nice lively bass.


Tweeter magnet

Tweeter part number

more tweeter data

The two together

Bass data

The two again

AN-E alnico clones

The back side with 13 cm long port