Project 15
circa 2005

A good friend of mine - Rafal asked me to help him get the sound he wanted.
He already had a good CD and ARG set  mono block amplifiers, so the weak link were his speakers (dali).
We decided quickly the general guidelines and I proposed the following:
Big bass driver - generic Alphard 15 inch drivers, later replaced by Goodmans.
Alnico vintage paper cone midranges - very cool and powerful and sensitive oval beasts from Isophon (circa 1955 y.). For most folks these would be good enough for a two-way as midbass drivers. HAving said that - I used them in a two and a half crossover arrangement.
Tweeters to match - paper cone and alnico magnets also from isophon.
He permitted me to make big cabinets and the end result is this:

  The midrange, which makes the whole speaker character - is  the alnico magnet based Isophon driver from 1950's. It has terrific drive, clarity and sensitivity.
It is 25 cm long and 18 cm wide. The cone is pure paper and it can even put out good amount of bass.
The boxes are simple MDF cages, 30 mm thick walls plus veneer. Bass is sealed box type.
We took some time to plan the MDF on paper, so when the pieces arrived from the woodworkers, we glued the boxes in just 2 hours. Then after hearing them in bare ugly state, Rafal took the boxes to the veneering guy. I am amazed at these speakers!

Later though for the sake of higher sensitivity - the tweeters were replaced with the Saba 10 cm greencones.