Endorphin P-21 project

Michal is an architect, so he drew his boxes like a pro. He needed endorphin speakers but smaller than mine. We tried to squeeze the boxes as much as practically allowed. Making them look like a preegnant penguin, but who cares.

PDF of the box drawing

This MDF box was made in hours by a pro carpenter. It has a 25 mm box and 40 mm front.

The box has no back, no bracing, no filling, no lining. It is a folded open baffle.

The drivers are Alphard RW1800, Saba greencone 20 cm, saba greencone 10 cm tweeter. The XO is same as ever.
Amplifier is a Fikus modified Music Angel Stereo 845 and CD is a lampized kenwook 5090.

The whole system is IMHO a very good example of my LAMPIZATOR brand home style. I would change nothing in this sytem.
It is totally coherent, complementary and at the same time awesome.