Endorphin P-22 project

These speakers originate from the simple fact that we found these LOVELY drivers - no name alnico 15 inch from USA and we bought a quad without even thinking. The candidates for the mid of the spectrum were no brainer - Saba Green 20 cm. For the tweeter - we are still thinking.

The basses arrived from USA and they must be one of the cleanest and most wonderful little cuties I have seen in a long time.
We snapped them for something below 300 bucks a quad. The stamp on the magnet says eminence, and I think they come from church organs.

Rafal O. has a huge room and great ARG monoblocks, so we decided to go full Monty with double bass open baffles, SABA midbass and RAAL ribbon tweeters.

In january 2008 these speakers were finished. What can I say - they sound fabulous. Awesome .

To be continued....