My project number 4

This was born  as a no compromise project for a friend of mine. It took us 4 years to squeeze the most out of these scan speaks, but it was worth it.
I used WMTMW config using all ScanSpeak drivers 8555 bottom bass, 8555-01 top bass, two 8542 for MTM midrange, 9900 Revelator in the center.
All drivers have their own separate enclosures, heavily braced and with non-paralell walls.
130 kg weight per side (280 lb.). 30 mm MDF used everywhere, 60 mm for bass sections. All volumes are sealed with Q=0,6.
Flat ribbon silver wiring inside, SCR capacitors, Goertz coils, mills resistors, etc. The network is a combination of series and parallel types and is on the simple side (similar to project 5).  Recently I removed most of the filters to allow for biamping, with a crossover built into a high end tubed preamp. This was a revelation. Four 100 W triode monoblock amps really rock. And the clarity is stunning.  Without biamping, the bass section is some 3 db too low compared to the midrange, and this difference is very difficult to compensate for. So biamping is not an option.
Again, I yet have to hear something better.
The electronics (at my friends house): TEAC T1 transport with TRICHORD II clock upgrade.
Audionote DAC-2 silver signature version  with very heavy modifications (transformer, capacitors, wiring, jacks, damping, etc.)
Siltech digital cable (silver).
Audionote AN-Vz interconnects from dac to pre and pre to monos
Four ARG Labs Ukrainian monos (see my system above) and ARG Labs PRE-1 pure tube preamp.
Siltech FTM-12 flat ribbon speaker cables in bi-wire mode.