Project ZERO

I went to a hi-fi store in 1991 looking for speakers, and after the dealer demoed me the KEF's, the JBL's, Klipshes and Missions - I noticed some strange monsters in the corner. These were one of the first DIY speakers from Andrzej Kisiel, who became the Polish Speaker Guru for years to come.

I heard these and I was blown away. I bought them immediately.
Upon examination at home I found inside three different crossovers and just one connected.
What  about the other two? Why? How?
I had to know !!!
I started studying this stuff and experimenting.
I was hooked.

First, I modded these speakers to death and later cloned them with new ideas of my own, and so the hobby begun.

This is a quarter wave transmission line with legendary KEF B139B bass driver, seas 14 cm poly midrange (very very good) and seas dome tweeter.
I added external XO with premium parts and Midnight2 cable in triwiring mode.