audio-technica AT-OC10

First question that springs to mind: is vinyl any good? Is it really better than CD? Is it worth the effort?

The answer is -as always - it depends. The trouble to get the deck, a good cartridge, a decent phonostage - it is a big effort. And the effort is continous - it does not end the day we buy it - it STARTS. We must worry about humming, about noise, about cartridge stylus alignment, tracking, antiskipping, stylus wear, lp's being dirty, or dusty, or stacically charged etc. I dont even mention that the proper cartridge which is MC type has a non-changeable stylus. Unlike MM ones, the MC works oonly untill it breaks and that's it. Unless you want to ship it to wherever (VanDenHul) for retipping.
Compared to all that - CD is a godsent miracle of ergonomy and convenience !!!

OTOH the cellebration connected with putting an LP on the deck and lowering the stylus into the groove is magical. Especially when it 's sound amazes people to no end.  So far the best LP playback I heard was a tri-motor systemdeck with Audionote cartridge and all Audionote Kondo setup.

Some people have big collections of vinyl. It is a strange thing to start it from scratch but I did. But there are so many good albums out there. And so many people want to get rid of their entire collections for free. Or not even their own, but after their deadd grandfather or something.
 It is co cool to play vinyl, so nostalgic, and the artwork is big and beautiful.
The down side is that there is no remote, the album must be flipped mid-way, and the dust is so hard to remove.
Anyway, as a real audiophile I had no choice but to have it.
The sound quality in my case is better than any stock CD player, but equal to CD players with the lampizator installed.
After Lampizator, there is no more need to have vinyl.
But also there is a possibility to record the LP's on CD with any cheap CD recorder - the quality is really amazingly good.
LP transferred to CD sounds always better than it's CD equivalent from the shop. Especially  true with Zappa !

My first high-end table had to be Pro-Ject 9 because it is too cool to miss.
I believe it is made in Czech Republic (they are master craftsman in mechanics, the Chechs I mean) and there is an Austrian partner involved somehow as well.
link to my first vinyl setup with KENWOOD deck.

First, we start with a good stable surface, in addition levelled and secured. Granite is a nice platform as below:

And that is what I have playing right now:
Audio-Technica MC head, special anniversary edition of their top OC9 - called OC10. I like it very much.
The pre pre phono is Polish made Linnart and I must say it beat many foreign contenders to the position in my system.
It is very dynamic and transparent. I paid 800 Euro for a new one.

This is a granite plinth which I got with the deck as a bonus ...

Very high quality arm - carbon !!!



Project turntable

How else - the proper turntable runs on belt and remote motor. (AC)


Pro-Ject 9

The plexiglass cage is kinda extra, not included with the deck.

phono stage


Manufacturer       Audio Technica     
Model       AT-OC10
Cartridge Type      Moving Coil
Output Voltage      0.4 mv    
Freq Response      10Hz - 50kHz
Output Impedance/Coil Resistance      12 ohms    
Recommended Load Impedance      > 20 ohms
L/R Separation      > 29db db
L/R Balance      < 1db db
Stylus      Micro Linear    
Cantilever      Tapered Gold Plated Beryllium
Lateral Dynamic Compliance      9 x 10-6 cm/Dyne*    
Static Compliance      35 x 10-6 cm/Dyne
Cartridge Mass      8gm
Price      $300 (?)
Notes      Suggested VTF 1.5gm.
Recommended load into MC Head amp > 100 ohms.
PCOCC6N (99.99996% pure copper) Coils and neodymium magnet.
*AT publishes their dynamic compliance specifications relative to 100Hz . The actual compliance at 10Hz will be higher.   - review of the AT cartridge (oc9/II which is almost identical).


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