Credits are where the credit is due.
I want to thank: Vladimir Kolesnik, the owner of ARG from Ukraine, for 12 years of friendship and all wonderful moments we had together listening to the music, skiing and drinking vodka and wine. He is the kind of guy who will drive for 8 hours to listen to the latest speakers or amps that I have and talk deeply into the night about music and everything else.

Ewgiennyi Kreminski, the tube Pope, for teaching me all I know about tubes and about making good systems in general.

Andrzej Kisiel, for being my loudspeaker guru even if we had countless disagreements. Andrzej helped me to keep my feet on the ground and insisted on measurements and objecvtive evaluation. He is a great scientist of speaker design art.

Andrzej Zawada, for being an inspiration in my projects because he has an unforgiving golden ear and a taste for great speakers.

Peter Quvortrup of Audio-Note for creating the greatest high-end company in Europe and challenging the status quo and inspiring my search for truth.

Wojtek Szemis, for introducing me to this great hobby and teaching me how to listen critically.

My wife who has been very patient indeed.

Dr. Marcin Skibinski, for being the ultimate judge of my works. When I deliver the music, he delivers Carmenere so we are a perfect synergy.

All users of my works who gave me the inspiration and power to improive myself and work work work.

Ewgenniy Kreminsky - after work.