Lampucera lampized and  boxed.
La Lampuzzera Lampizzata e boxata.


After some experimenting - it is time to build a full blown DAC - all in one box. NO MORE BIRD-NESTS !!!

This is beautiful 30 USD box from Hong Kong. You cant see how nice it is - my pictures are  horrrible !
The LED I added is a nice and discrete blue - on the pic it seems 100 x too bright. This is due to long exposure time.


Everything is visible here: starting from left bottom corner - clockwise
- a transformer 230 : 120 : 12 VDC 30 VA
- a high voltage power supply filter CRC with grey box being a russian military PIO 30 uF, and the rest are electrolytic cans.
-  a low voltage transformer for lampucera as supplied by mr. Lawrence (10:0:10 VAC)
- Lampucera original kit power supply with 12, -12  and 5 V regulators
- tube arrangements with sockets and circuitry
- Obbligato oil capacitors - big black cans 2 uF
- Lampucera PCB with capacitors changed to tantalum
- right channel Obbligato and tube
- filiaments (heaters) power supply 12,3VDC

Note that the tantalums are also used as decoupling output caps. Plus towards the DAC.

On the photo is 6H1P tube, later changed to 6H6P.


RCA outputs to amp and RCA input - digital - from Karik transport.

The sound in my opiniomn is very nice, mature, detailed, well extended, full music and emotions.