Kenwood D1000

This superb machine deserves attention  because it is relatively unknown and rare. It was a pleasure to work on it.  It must be one of the best built CD players period, and in my case -  the best built unit of all which I had to that date.
The original sound was terrible - hard, grainy, aggressive. I knew it can do better. At the heart of D1000 lies CX20152 which is a DAC chip from SONY  rather unknown to me  It's specs can be found here  DAC
The player has incredibly solid mechanism, chassis and box. Comparable only to the  most solid players like Kenwood 9010, 8020,  Grundig 9009 and some top Sonys like 777 and Accuphase DP-65 (derived from Kenwood). In my opinion it is even better built than the Wadia.
The mechanism is also a top of the line Sony KSA152 with the haal motor driving the pickup sledges on magnetic rails. The drawer operation is as smooth as it gets. An huge improvement over any Philips drawer.

The analog audio output section is ultra over-done. So many op amps as if they bought them on sale. I got rid off all that c*** and took the signal - of course - directly from voltage output from the DAC. (later even from the current output - DAC chip legs)
The player is virtually filled with parts and countless PCB's so there was no room for internal lampizator. So we took a "backpack" route and we added the external box.


External concealed lampizator in a box.

Mechanism's bottom view. Note soft spring suspension - the black round "things " in each corner.

This is the bottom side of the transformer section - note soft rubber suspension for transformers. Nice touch !!!

This is the transport compartment cover clad with cork ! Can you find it anywhere else ?

The whoile guts of the beast. The dac is covered by copper shield. Everything between the copper and the back wall is just output section (eliminated later by the Lampizator).
Note two separate transformers, potted sealed and encapsulated.

The beautiful-ugly analog section (as seen elsewhere on the op-amp schematics section)

I simply ADORE this mechanism !!!

Analog and DAC PCB suspension - note spring loaded legs with rubber washers ! (red springs in each corner)

On top of the spring loaded legs they added foam damper to the DAC PCB. Thats high end !

This is the ONLY player I know of that has backlit keys ! Such simple thing - yet nobody does it !

The BATTLE OF THE GIANTS - the Europe Champion against Japan Champion. Two heavyweights. Two different worlds.
If I could have the sound of the Grundig in the body of the Kenwood .....

CONCLUSION: Big disappointment. No matter what I tried, absolutely going bananas - the CD produces VERY STRONG output at supersonic frequencies. No caps or coils can eliminate it. My amps were oversaturated, dealing with signal I could not hear (only see on the scope).
After 2 weeks of fighting the sampling byproduct, I gave up.
This CD is NOT SUITABLE for lampization.
It can be used for transport, but never listened to - simply - as a stock player.
I suggest to stay away from it.