Marantz CD40
The poor cousin of the CD60, and twin brother of Grundig 8100.

This is probably the cheapest Marantz that has TDA1541 DAC chip and a very decent CDM4 mechanism.
The main difference from CD60 is that the higher model has metal faceplate, nicer drawer and variable outputs. So "musically" speaking they are identical. The visual difference though - is huge.

That Philips factory in Belgium must have made millions of these milk-crate style players.

This is CDM4 mechanism in the best drawer variant.

Look at this empty space !!! This is the home for lampizator !

These are the famous SMD caps  which must be replaced.

Everything is installed except the tubes.

We can see from the left: low and high voltage power supply filters, tube sockets standing on supporting legs and the metal PIO output caps connected to new RCA jacks.

The two extreme price level players with TDA1541A standing together