This cute and simple player is probably one of the cheapest ways to get the most optimal Philips CDM4 mechanism AND the superb TDA1541A DAC chip in one pretty box (save for the similar but ugly looking Philips players like 630). I paid 60 Euro on ebay for a mint unit, but hunted it for months.
This is a benchmark for budget lampization base player. (Actually, CD40 is much cheaper but IDENTICAL inside and much more ugly outside)

Also read here about CD50

This Champaigne version looks a little like CD80 for the poor.

This player has typical Marantz look - plain, elegant, understated.

It has very unique "honeycomb" internal chassis which is just perfect for holding the lampizator elements which I add.

I have no idea what is the REAL difference between a stock TDA1541 and the Silver Crown. I must say that the stock DAC from this marantz is a hell of a dac.
After lampization the player has a super powerful, open, dynamic and very natural sound. It must be the best you can get on such budget and much above too.
I admire the quickness of this transport - reads all CDs in miliseconds.

Back plate with tube holes drilled and sockets attached.

The third tube is a headphone triode amp.

So this is a cross-breed between the concealed and exposed internal lampizator.  The heads of tubes are sticking out from the back panel. Easy to remove and change, joy to see. Somewhat easier to ventillate the player.

These grey cans are paper in oil capacitors in the output decoupling (4 uF)

The miniature capacitors after SMD being replaced with 220nF MKT orangeheads.

The headphones of 300 Ohm can be driven by Lampizator (via 100 uF lytic caps connected with minus towards headphones and plus to the tube socket leg 3. Thats exactly what I did.)