NAD C 521i
There is very little that  can say about this player. No secret discoveries, no ground for cynical sarkasm. This is probably the most honest company that ever existed, and I think they are still in business - a well deserved success.
The construction of this player is so elegant, simple, well made that I found nothing to criticize. There is a decent DAC chip - Technics MASH, and only one op-amp per channel. Of course it will benefit from lampization but even without it - it plays very good music.
Never get rid of it if you have it.

Considering the price and features - this PCB is just gigantic !
I like the blue color. Like Cambridge Audio. There are no filtering capacitors to snip.

Just compare it to the grundig Fine Arts CD-1 pictured below !!!!!!!!!!

This piece of crap above is called "fine arts" and it is the ugly blemish on the face of this otherwise fine company- GRUNDIG.

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This laser is very very easy to find.

The arrow points to where the DAC is hiding - underneath the PCB.