Panasonic DVD

I actually did lampization to two players: Panasonic DVD-S75 and S47. The former has Burr Brown 6 channel DAC with 24/192 resolution, and the latter has 2 channel Burr Brown DAC. PCM1752K - delta sigma 24 bit/192 kHz stereo with built-in analog filter and I/U converter.

Total cheapness all over but what a DAC !

This is the test box lampizator tapping the Burr Brown DAC of the Panasonic DVD. Very smooth, mature, delicate and detail-rich sound.

This is the external lampizator for DVD player which I made for Lukasz C.

It looks a little messy I know but that is the price you pay if you want top quality point to point wiring without the typical PCB
Yellow caps are input and output DC blocking MKP polypropylenes by Arcotronics (USA) and the black ones are UK made Aerovox high end electrolytics.