Revox Exception E-426   CD player 

In my book, ladies and gentlemen - this is the most pretty CD player in the world. It strikes just the perfect balance between looking fancy and being serious, unlike for example the Shanling (too sexy) or Jadis (too startrek) or Air Forsell (too much of everything).
The Revox   also operates like a dream (which you can't see). The first time I opened the top CD gate I ejaculated. It must be seen to be believed. (I mean the CD not the ejaculation).

  The dac Philips TDA1547 (called also DAC7) used to be the top chip after the TDA1541 had been ceased. Marantz used it in all top models from 1995 (??) till almost now. I lampized it already in Marantz CD-17 SE some time ago with good results.

In my opinion this dac is quite cold, almost sterile. Except being quite neutral in character it has nothing magical in it. Compared side by side to TDA1541A-S1 it shows a difference - the gap between a well educated man and a genius. Between a good craftsman and a master. between an OK DAC and the most musical DAC that I know of. TDA1541 is more refined and musical.
The mechanism is a simple but well made Philips VAM1205  and the output stage is op-amp BB2604  regarded as the best there are
This player makes perfect sense for those who have the whole exception set - tuner and amp. I am sure it fits every modern living room and especially it matches well the Plasma TV and granite floors.

Concluding - this is fantastic CD player but my Grundig 9009 can still safely enjoy sitting on the throne.