Technics 700

Nov 2009

The absolute legend of Pewex gets lampized in free and capitalist Poland (dont ask what that means)

Yep. those who remember Pewex and the good old days under communism, - at that time it was THE player to desire, thoughts of donating one kidney to get it, were not uncommon.
Now she is here, like a girlfriend from primary school - after so many years - old, miserable and undesired. This was an easy catch, 5o Zlotys on Polish auction, equivalent of one bottle of wine.

Hating communism any everything related to it, even the childhood desires (in hifi that is) I automatiocally hate Technics to no end. It reminds me of misery and pittyful time.
But am I right about it? Is it really EVERYTHING HI-End should be not ? Is it a symbol of garbage production for naive peopole who only read specs and THD figures of 0,0000....

My technics is one of their highest models. They never pretended to be hi-end. They made cheap, no nonsens gear. What is inside - matches the external look.

The laser and pickup and tracking mechanism is loosely based on Sony's concept of KSS151A. MAgnetic rails etc. It is MUCH better than I expected. At the same time - I never saw a mechanism like that - so who knows - maybe it was made in Matshushita and for Matsushita. Since Matsushita is a common mother corporation of Technics, Onkyo, National, Panasonic - they potentially all had acces to this mechanism. But maybe ONKYO is the only one capable of using it.

I installed the new proper RCA's in place of those EXTREMELY FLIMSY ones supplied.

Above you see a signal stealing point of right channel - from R804 end closed to DAC (DAC is underneath the PCB)

Above in the red circle is the left channel signal stealing point.
I kept all elements of the "after-dac" circuit which is a HF filter but I removed all OP-AMPS that are in the analog stage. 5 double OP-AMPS were mounted on bottom side of the PCB.

The Technics transformer and Lampizator transformer.
Their supply system is now relieved of supplying 5 double opamps. Probably half of the supply consumption has been removed.

I decided to install one tube - 6SN7GT or russian 6H8C configured in anode follower triode mode. It is simple and very kosher.
Each half of the tube is a triode, a separate small amplifier.

I used: 200 V of B+ supply, current of 7 mA, RA = 10K/2W,  Rk = 500 Ohms, in grids - 300K to ground.
I used a L-Pad signal attenuator . After stealing points I use series cap of 0,22 uF and then R series 47 K and R parallel to ground 10K and this leads straight to grids.

These opamps were removed (just twisted with pliers).

Matshushita digital filter with demodulator.

Above is the famous DAC from Matsushita - similar to many great players like NAD, Kenwood 4090, etc. In this Technics player this DAC is used not without purpose. It is an excellent dac by any standard. It sounds so good, it is too good in fact. I feel stupid to tell you the truth because this crappy player is not supposed to be in ther top league of Burr Brown machines and so on. But it is. After lampization - it gives many players famous highenders a run for their money. I am not able to criticize one single aspect of the Technics sound - I like it all the way.

HERE is the datasheet
Add a fact that the mechanism is smooth and reads everything, the player is almost perfect technically - I mean - what the hell.
If I was an owner of a new MBL or Burmeister system and someone played me theLampized Technics - I woul d be seriously depressed.

I can only imagine this player with full oscon job and superclock  !

As you see, there is plenty od free space inside. In case of another holocaust I could hide here an entire family.

Bottom line: despite shitty brand connotations, Technics is an excellent player, visually really OK, ergonomically perfect, reading everything without problems and after lampization - sounding like everybody get out. I seriously recommend it to everyone.  Buy it while it is so cheap. FORGET the piano finish Marantz players.