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Tube output stage for S-PDIF and AES/EBU signals.

In all known CD players, CD transports, DVD, computer sound cards etc - the signal for SPDIF (digital output) is created inside a specialized integrated circuit. (microchip). Between that point and the exit point the signal leaves the box via RCA socket on its way to the DAC, the signal is quite fragile and goes through many unnecessary components and stages:
- long thin PCB traces, not optimal for megahertz signals
- HC74xx glue logic chips
- "digital transformer"
- numerous capacitors and resistors

We can observe significant gains in audio quality when we make a shortcut from generator chip via thin coax antenna cable to the superfast radio tube which will buffer the signal and send the very powerful newly shaped square to the DAC. I am not 100% sure WHY but it does sound much better.

You can read a detailed manual now. Download it from our shop here:
Digi Lampizator Manual

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