DHT tubes in the DAC output


The use of DHT in our DACs became a hobby in itself.

That’s why we prepared some information for you concerning tube rolling, tube types and general guidance in thr DHT world (which stands for Directly Heated Triode)

There has never been a tube like that! LampizatOr is very proud to present: “Łukasz Fikus 6th Anniversary 45 DHT Mesh Globe Triode”. Created by Emission Labs for LampizatOr, better

than anything they ever made. An instant collector’s item!

  1. 45 Triode specifications

  2. Mesh anode style for best sound

  3. Limited production-custom run of 50 pairs for 50th Anniversary

  4. Made for LampizatOr Golden Gate DAC

  5. In addition to factory tests we conduct a musical test in our listening room with

  the Golden Gate DAC.

Lukasz Fikus with Eunice Kron.

Here are some tubes we use and some we don’t: (this section of our website is under development to become eventually a full tube guide to DHT DAC tubes)

Psvane line:  101D HiFi, 101D WE replica,

45 KR

45 EML Smooth plate

45 EML Mesh Plate

45 EML Smooth Plate Globe

45 EML Mesh Plate Globe Anniversary Edition Lukasz Fikus

300B KR

300B EML Smooth plate

300B EML Mesh Plate

300B EML Smooth Plate Globe



Full Music 2A3

Full Music 2A3 Carbon

Full Music 45

Full Music 45 Carbon

Full Music 300B

Full Music 300B Carbon

UK Design 300B


JJ 2A3

Sovtek 2A3

Sovtek 300B

Electro Harmonic Gold 2A3

Electro Harmonic Gold 300B


Soviet 5C3S

Shuguang 274B

Psvane Black Treasure 274B

EML Mesh 5U4G

EML Mesh 274B



Bendix (Cetron) 5R4WGBA

Philips JAN5Y3