Our Volume Control


The DAC with Volume Control makes preamps redundant. The DAC has a great preamp already built in. This way we achieve clarity unheard before.

From all existing volume solutions (pots, stepped pots, stepped ladders, autoformers, digital chip volume controllers, ) this one is by far the most convenient, transparent and long term reliable (unlike noisy pots and switches).

TAIV kit is made in USA and designed by the aerospace engineer. The resistors were selected from many others as having least sonic signature, even if honestly those are ridiculously expensive resistors (SMD type).

The principle of operation is BINARY: the resistors are selected by microprocessor and switched by gold contact relays in a binary fashion: 1,2,4,8,16 etc. This way we have 64 steps in 6-bit arrangement and using only 7 relays. This is the most logical and elegant way of doing this. At any given time there is only a parallel pair of resistors in the signal.

You also get:

- 4 individually switched analog inputs (stereo)

- Remote control IR unit , and the receiving module can be user-programmed to understand also other remotes from all major brands and coding groups (not Samsung) for example Apple Remote which is soooo cool.

- hand operated infinitely rotating "pseudo pot" to operate the volume by the knob

- 2 Open Collector outputs for controlling your other devices

- 1 freely programmable Relay output for controlling your other devices via remote

- user programmable dimmer function (in 99 discrete steps)

- possibility to upgrade to BALANCED (even at a later stage)

- nice 2x16 alphanumeric LCD display with text as well as graphic visualizations of volume levels

- module for controlling the mains power to the amp or preamp in which the volume resides so you can switch the amp on and off via remote or by button.

-Power-ON indicator LED output

- It is compatible ONLY with the momentary, non-latching button switches.

Attention: There is no volume balance function.

TAIV VC-03 Technical Specifications:

Number of Inputs: 4 Standard, up to 5 (option)

Effective Volume attenuation range:  0 to -63dB

Mute attenuation   -130dB or better

Input Impedance, Ohm : 33 k

Display LCD with backlight, 2x16 characters, fast recovery

IR remote compatibility: NEC, Sony, Philips, RC5 and RC6 protocols currently supported

Additional digital outputs for external control: 3X TTL level (4,9 VDC) un-buffered/buffered ports, IR remote controlled.

Buffered ports – not to exceed 500mA total for 3 ports.

AC power consumption, Max. 6W

AC Load, Max. 30A, 250VAC (power on/off controller for external devices)