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P4 and me

Building loudspeakers is a great hobby. It requires involvement of 5 important but very different skills:
- electronics
- acoustics
- carpentry
- design
- and voodoo

P10 and me

The fun part is that there is no one recipe. No one dominating trend. Otherwise, the big corporations would always make best speakers having all their resources.
In Loudspeakers - we small mortals can still make things better than the commercial giants.
There are many schools in loudspeaker design - small monitors, narrow floorstanders, horns, transmission lines, big multiways - many many options. And each variant can be very good (or very bad).

Commercial guys simply can't make very good speakers because of economic constraints. Good speakers are big, heavy and transportation requires wooden crates etc. It is OUT OF THE QUESTION. I don't even mention that the current trend is to build moulded plastic speakers and sell them in supermarkets.

Starting from my first Project Zero and ending at the unbelievably good project 12 (later beaten by 25), I have learnt something about speakers. I hope this web site illustrates well the learning curve. Later projects are just variations on P12.

SPEAKER PROJECTS IN DETAIL (from 1990 till now)
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