Project 2 Loudspeakers (Hannibal Lecter)

They served as my main loudspeaker for 2 years - a record so far. I am very proud of them.

These are plain and simple threeways with sealed bass and side firing woofers. They are very solidly built. The enclosure is as narrow as the midrange S-S 8542 driver allows (18 cm internal width) still maintaining 120 liter volume for the woofer. It is a side woofer 8565 in a sealed box. The paper midrange 8542 (my favourite S-S 18 -cm series driver) has 20 liters of its own enclosure with non-paralell walls.
The bass enclosure is stiffened by 8 boards that are placed radially around the woofer. So the woofer volume is divided into 9 sub-spaces. Similar to this picture of P10 below:

The construction from the side looks like the old japanese flag (with sun-beams). So the huge side walls are not flexing - the knocking test sounds rock solid.

The big revelator is really fantastic. Must be heard to be believed.
Internal wiring is Silitech, and super simple XO made with just one hovland cap, one goertz coil and one traditional woofer coil (air core).
The bass is scan-speak W8565 with 25 cm cone and 19 Hz Fs. Sound absolutely stunning (XO at 200 Hz). So clean, like I never heard it before.
Side woofers must fire towards the inside to blend properly.