Project Greenconus Maximus P25

I collected so many greencones, that I had to use them somehow. I decided to try the first "all greencone" speaker. To compensate for small size of their 25 cm bass units, I used two per channel.

Enter greenconus maximus - a speaker as green as ganja...

P25 against the mid-tweeter section of my own P12.

The mids and tweeter were well proven greencone combo - 20 cm midbass and 10 cm tweeter. I found all drivers in mint condition.
I used the well proven baffle "cabinet" without any box, nothing except the front baffle plus side wings for better bass extension.
Baffle width is 50 cm, height 130 cm. 40 mm MDF with exotic veneer.

The pictures speak for themselves. This speaker is as simple as it gets. Quite large, but acceptable for most living rooms and most wifes.

The XO is a well proven first order filter, 3,3 uF for tweeter, 100uF/0,39mH for mid, and 4mH/10 uF second order for bass pair (paralell and phase reversed against the mid).

Saba, with somewhat strange magnet in golden cup. Supposedly this is a TV friendly magnetic shield for use in famous Saba entertainment centres with radio and TV combo.

saba project OB

Biwiring provision on the side (mirrored)

back side of saba bass

The wiring is silver plated copper 2,5 sqmm.

saba 20 cm midrange

My love - saba 20 cm.

This speaker surprized me a lot with it's bass. Very fast, controlled and deep. The bass guitar sounds like never before. This is the fastest and cleanest bass I ever built. The SABA units are super sensitive and react to the smallest signal with energy "on steroids".
I mean this bass is definitely NOT as powerful and deeply extended like my own bass from Tesla 15 inch -in-the-wall, but it is damn good. For rooms smaller than 50 sqm - it will be a revelation.